Saturday, February 15, 2020

Comment Wall

Title: Brunhilde, Illustration from 'The Rhinegold and the Valkyrie' by Richard Wagner, 1910
Artist: Arthur Rackham Source

My storybook is here.


  1. Hi Jana! I just finished reading the introduction to your storybook and I must say that I am really really confused. I can tell from how well you know the topic that this is something that you really like and are passionate about, however in this case I think that worked slightly against you. Because you are so well versed in this topic I think you may have taken for granted how complicated the plot of the saga is, so instead of providing an easy to grasp background, you actually ended up confusing us more. I would recommend you read this out loud and place yourself in the shoes of someone that had no idea what you are talking about, is the introduction helpful? It is even necessary to go into so much detail? Are all of those name useful or do they get in the way? You could even have one of your friends that hasn't read the saga read your introduction and give you one-on-one feedback. I really hope you won't take this feedback negatively, I really hope that I am helpful. I am looking forward to reading your revised introduction and stories!

  2. Hi Jana. This is really interesting. I am completely unfamiliar with "Die Walkure," "Der Ring des Nibelungen," and Richard Wagner in general. I was about to ask if Richard Wagner had anything to do with the song "Ride of the Valkyries" but Google has advised me that yes, he wrote it. I think your angle of making the introduction essentially a bit Author's Note is a unique one. What made you decided to go this direction with your introduction? As someone who is unfamiliar with the original tale, having some context before going into your re-telling is a nice touch. You have provided a lot of information and details in your summary, which I appreciate but can seem a tad overwhelming. Overall I think you have provided a pretty good breakdown of the original story and look forward to seeing where you take your version of it.

  3. Hi Jana! I like the look of your site. It’s easy to navigate as well. It’s simple and the image is very eye catching. It makes me look forward to reading your project! I really appreciate this style of introduction. It reads very much like an author’s note which is very helpful in explaining a complicated topic with many plot points. I’m interested to see how you will tell your first story. This was so informative and helpful in explaining your topic, but I agree with the other comments that it was a bit overwhelming as someone who isn’t versed in the topic. Your approach was very descriptive and I’m definitely interested in seeing how you’ll be applying this information moving forward! You seem very passionate and well-read on this topic and I’m sure that this will come out fantastically! I’m excited to see how you will end up telling these stories!